Episode 1: Excuses

Disclaimer: This has nothing to do with food, it’s just me saying what I feel at this very moment. Feel free to scroll past.

I have a problem… I have many problems, but this one takes the cake. I dislike when people make excuses for mistakes that they have made. We all need to man up and admit to our mistakes and faults. Not blame others or give a reason why you didn’t take care of what you said you were going to do. You fucked up! That’s fine, we are all human. Going through this life the best way we know how. But don’t give me a crap excuse as to why you didn’t complete X,Y and Z. If you forgot that’s fine, if you were just a dick and didn’t feel like doing what was told, that’s fine to. But for god sakes man up and say that you fucked up! Admit that you made a mistake, I would respect you a lot more if you just admit to the fault. I don’t give excuses or blame others for my mistakes, if I messed up or forgot I say it. Let’s all try to become better human beings and admit our faults. I believe this will only make us better as humans. Rant over.

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